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The Way of Transition:

a Deep Dive into the Uncharted Territory of Life Change  

a 6-week interactive art journaling ecourse + support community

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weekly art journaling prompts + videos + juicy content

live video calls (on Zoom) + private Facebook group

mentoring from a seasoned facilitator

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What is transition? Growth, chaos, upheaval, doldrums? Possibility, opportunity, excitement?

Depending on the kind of transition you are in the middle of (or at the beginning or end of), you may be experiencing some or all of the above. Which can be both exhilarating and excruciating.

Endings. Beginnings. The in-between.

There are so many kinds of transitional paths we could be on.

Losing someone. Divorce. Diagnosis. Moving. Retiring. Empty-nesting. Coming out. Letting go...and more...

Whatever your particular situation, you are experiencing life on new terms and feeling the discomfort of birthing a new identity. 

“How strange that the nature of life is change, yet the nature of human beings is to resist change. And how ironic that the difficult times we fear might ruin us are the very ones that can break us open and help us blossom into who we were meant to be.”
- Elizabeth Lesser, author

You can talk to your friends and talk to your therapist and talk to yourself. And you can take creative action for self-care. 

That's where I come in.


Hi, I'm Susie Stonefield Miller, an artist, inspired life creativity coach and person-centered expressive arts guide. My passion is taking people on deep dives into their inner selves using art journaling and heart-felt connection as our oxygen mask. I take great care in creating a safe and sacred environment for you to be vulnerable and sharing your stories, making art, and being seen. You don't need to be an artist or have any art background or training to work with me. You just need to feel the tug in your heart that it's time to be creative. I'll show you the way...and it'll change your life in the process!

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Art journaling is a no-rules creative and artistic practice that is about the process not the product. It's all about the journey, not the destination. Using a combination of color, line, imagery, and words and your intuition, you'll dig deep into what's churning around inside of you, pull it out into the light, and then step back. Ahhhhhh. Such relief. Such release! Such insight! There's nothing else quite like it.

Get out of your head and into your heart and onto the page. 


"I think art journaling is definitely different from any other type of art. Not that you can’t express yourself through a figure drawing or a landscape, but the journal is emotional artwork. And it’s a very intentional and intimate way to express yourself."  - Kelsey B.


In times when it feels like nothing you can do will make a difference for the better...

In times when you are feeling so confused and overwhelmed you don't have any idea what step to take next...

The creative act is a step you can take and something you can do that will make a difference. Creativity is self-love and self-care.

This is something I know with all my heart.

The topic of transitions has fascinated me my entire adult life. I've studied it, mentored people through it, art journaled about it, and saved my own life through that process.

Now, I'm offering you the opportunity to work with me and a group of kindred hearts, to take a look at transitions and commit to a creative six weeks of soulwork, self-reflection, and self-compassion. The Way of Transition will be a chance for you to peel back the layers on your own story, find some solid ground, and step out onto the path with more confidence. Your transition journey (most likely) won't come to an end in our time together, but by leaning into your story and uncovering your intuitive wisdom (as well as the wisdom of community) you'll feel your feet more firmly on land again.

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The Way of Transition offers you six weeks of:

  • a private Way of Transition class website where you'll easily find the videos, downloadable pdf links, recordings, and more content

  • Weekly videos from me

  • a private Way of Transition Facebook group

  • Feedback and mentoring from me in our private Facebook group

  • Art journaling prompts (downloadable pdf)

  • Worksheets (downloadable pdf)

  • Live weekly calls for the group to get to know each other, share our stories, and share our work

  • a downloadable e-book of all course prompts available at the end of the course



Some of my art journaling pages inspired by transitions...


Who is this e-course for?

• Ready for transformation and a way through the transitions you're experiencing ? Then, this course is for you!

• Feeling overwhelmed by the feelings of grief, anxiety, fear, anger, etc. and longing for creative guidance through it? Then, this course is for you!

• Looking for a way to get creative without the pressure of making a "work of art"? Then, this course is for you!

• Looking for people to connect with so that you don't feel so alone navigating these treacherous waters? Then, this course is for you!

• Love working with Susie and wanting more? Then, this course is for you!

• Have some experience with art journaling and want to go deeper? Then, this course is for you!

• New to art journaling but still interested? Yep, this course is for you, too! But I also recommend that you take my intro course, Start Art Journaling!, simultaneously. That way you'll get lots of great technique ideas as well as superb guidance on how to approach the page, journaling techniques and more foundational pieces. AND, if you sign up for both classes at the same time you'll get a 10% discount!

Watch the video below to hear from my students to get a sense of how I carefully hold space for your creative process:


Q: When will we get the lessons and pdfs?

A: Every Monday new lessons will be shared with you. You'll get an email reminder with a link to our private course website.

Q: How long can I access the course materials?

A: You can download and save all the pdfs as soon as they're available (and there will be a pdf ebook of all prompts available at the end of the course). The course will be available to you as long as Unfold Classroom exists.

Q: How is the course set up?

A: The course is set up in 6 weekly lessons -- At the beginning of each week you'll receive an email with a link to the course private website. Within each week's lesson there'll be a recorded video from me, written content, 2-3 art journaling prompts and worksheets, AND a live Zoom conference call link (90 minutes) for you to connect with others in the community, talk about the week's theme and what came up in your art making, and more. In addition, our private Facebook group will be open 24/7 for you to share your pages, ask questions, and converse.

Q: When will the Zoom calls take place?

A: At the beginning of the course I'll take a poll of students and we'll find a couple times that work for most people. Then, we'll vary the call times between those times.

Q: What if I can't make a Zoom call?

A: All Zoom calls will be recorded and then posted to the group on Facebook and on our website. You'll be able to access the recording within 24 hours of the call. 

Q: How much time should I allot for each lesson?

A: That is completely up to you as an individual. You'll want to spend time watching the weekly videos (which will vary in length from 10-30 minutes), reading the material, and then responding to the prompts through art journaling. Plus...90 min weekly for our Zoom calls. You don't have to do all the prompts, but you can! And as for how much time you spend on an art journal page, well, there are no rules! 

Q: Is there a specific time-frame in which I should do the work?

A: I recommend blocking some time off weekly if you want to do this as part of the live community. However, since you will be able to access the information any time that works for you even after the course ends, you can do the work as it works for you. 

Q: Why is there a Facebook group?

A: Inside the Facebook group is where we'll be able to connect on a daily basis, talking about the prompts, the videos, and sharing our work. Each person will have a personal "easel" where they'll be able to post photos of their pages and where others can comment. It's a great way to build and feel part of a community, which is an intrinsic part of this course! Connection!

Q: Do I have to have a Facebook account?

A: I recommend it, but it's not required. If you don't want to be on Facebook proper, you can sign in just to our group and not wander the rest of the site. Or, you can skip the Facebook community, but that is where a lot of conversation, sharing and connection will happen, so again, I recommend it.

Q: What do I need to do to get the most out of the course?  

A: A computer and internet access, a Zoom account, a Facebook account, and art supplies.  

Q: I've never art journaled before but this really speaks to me. Can I do this?

A: You certainly can, but I recommend that you take my intro course, Start Art Journaling!, simultaneously. That way you'll get superb guidance on how to approach the page, journaling techniques and more foundational pieces plus lots of great technique tutorials, as well. And, Start Art Journaling! is on sale this month, so take advantage of that discount when you sign up!

Q: I don't own any art supplies. Can I do this?

A: As part of this program you'll receive a full list of supplies that can easily be purchased either online or in your local arts and crafts store. Even better, many of the supplies you'll need are found at home.

Q: What if I get stuck in the middle of making a page?

A: The Facebook group is a great place to post images and ask for guidance. You can also shoot me an email and we can talk! It's not uncommon to feel stuck. It's all part of the creative process!

Q: Can I share the course website and login information with my friends?

A: No. I have worked very hard to give you a beautiful and inspiring course full of content. I would love to have your friends join us the proper way by registering. Thank you for honoring this request. I also promise to respect you by honoring the time and money you have spent for the course by giving you a beautiful finished product.

Q: What if I'm not happy with the course? Can I get a refund?

A: Because of the digital nature of this course, once it has begun there will be no refunds. You may cancel up to the day before the course starts for a 50% refund of your fees or 100% credit towards another course or offering.


COURSE START DATE: Monday, September 24, 2018

COURSE END DATE: Friday, November 2, 2018

FEE: EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT ~ $199 (thru September 1st)...FULL PRICE: $249 

Cancellation and Refund Policy: Because of the digital nature of this course, once it has begun there will be no refunds. You may cancel up to the day before the course starts for a 50% refund of your fees or 100% credit towards another course or offering of the same or lesser value.