Stencil Studies Playshop

Stencil Studies Playshop

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1 to 6 PM

STENCIL STUDIES is one of my most popular offerings at Unfold Studio. In the past two years it's sold out every time I've offered it! 

Why is it so popular? Well, stencils are one of the most exciting and fun tools to use at Unfold Studio. There are so many options--images, patterns, textures, words---and there are so many ways to use them. But, most people don't know that much about the potential of Stencil Studies is like a mystery revealed kind of class!

Are you curious? Then, sign up for the class to see all the great possibilities available in the world of stencils!

For more info: STENCIL STUDIES

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Here's a video I made about using stencils! Practice this and learn more at Stencil Studies, Sunday, June 25th!