Spray Ink Splash Workshop

Spray Ink Splash Workshop



1 to 6PM


Spray inks are wild and crazy and out of control. They're unpredictable, spontaneous, and amazing. They have an allure and an effect that is so compelling, once you use them you want more and more and more.

(At Unfold Studio, spray inks are restricted...first time students are not allowed to use them, lest they be required to give up more control than they can handle the first time out of the gate!)

Spray inks are a great material for art journaling, for backgrounds, drips, splotches and splashes of color. They can be used with or without stencils. They can be puddles or add a subtle sheen. Spray inks add pattern, image, and atmosphere to every page.

But frankly, the best part of spray inks is that they are just so much fun!

For more info: Spray Ink Splash

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