Stamps & Symbols 

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Saturday, May 18th

1PM to 5PM

$139 including a huge kit of supplies to take home!

($129 thru the month of April!)

Honestly, I LOVE symbols. Symbols are personal and yet they connect you to ritual and story and history.

Spirals, for example, show up in my life all the time. If you poked through a box of my jewelry, saved since high school, you'd find so many spirals on rings, on earrings, pins, necklaces. If you looked through my art journals or the art on my walls at home you'd see spirals there, too.

To me, the spiral represents not only a journey, but finding my way, going deeper, and a life path. In my expressive arts training the spiral showed up multiple times, always through my open, intuitive work. And there it also meant holding space for my students to explore their creativity...without holding too opening always there to arrive or depart as it suited them.

That's why I'm offering this absorbing and fun workshop at Unfold Studio. Symbols and stamps are perfect partners in creativity. During this workshop we'll explore our personal symbology as well as create a variety of wonderful and original stamps for use in your work. I will give easy-to-follow step by step instructions to create a box full of your own personal stampable images and patterns that you can keep and use at home or in the studio.

This stamps workshop was so empowering. I have wanted to create my own images and now I can...even appreciating all the imperfections! The course was well laid out, thorough and taught by a master teacher (Susie, of course) who was well versed in what can go right as well as what can go wrong. We were provided with more than enough supplies to run wild with creativity. A great way to spend a Sunday afternoon! Thank you, Susie!
— Jennifer Kline

There are so many possibilities for making your OWN images with stamps. Found objects, carved rubber, and simple stickyback foamie sheets are all easy to use.  The key is to have the time, space and tools, and a little instruction.


An experience of many things: Putting thought and energy into understanding the symbols/shapes/colors that resonate with myself and others, learning to make stamps in multiple ways with instant results!!, meeting new creative and positive others, and pushing my brain to try something novel, challenging, and stimulating. I highly highly recommend!
— Lauren Gray

There will be an extra supplies charge as I will be supplying the specific materials for you to use during the workshop. See below for more information.

Materials you'll be receiving for your $40 materials fee:

  • carving blades and handles

  • carving block

  • deli paper

  • printing paper

  • acrylic blocks

  • stickyback foamie sheets

  • a box for storing your stamps and carving tools

and more!


DATE: Saturday, May 18th

TIME: 1PM to 5PM

FEE: $139 ($129 thru the month of April!)

which includes a $40 non-refundable supplies fee. Supplies include: worksheet packet, one pair no-cut gloves, a 5 blade carving set, a large sheet of Speedy Carve, and more. All materials are yours to keep and take home for more stamp carving fun!


CANCELLATION POLICY: Full refund until one month prior (April 18th). After that time, we are happy to refund 75% of your registration fee (MINUS the materials feeif we are able to fill your spot. 

WHO: Because of the use of sharp tools, adults only for this workshop.