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Welcome, Friends of the Soul Journey inner circle! We're so excited that you're here! 

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Hi! I'm Susie Stonefield Miller and I am passionate about helping people like you breathe life into their banished inner artists. I'm an artist, teacher, inspired life guide, and a certified Person-Centered expressive arts facilitator. Think of me as the midwife to your creative spirit! More about me here.


Soul Journey is my incredible, life-changing,  transformational New Year's Eve retreat. And I want you to be there this year with us! Details below...

In the midst of a very difficult life transition I was inspired to attend Soul Journey. I was drawn to the idea of spending New Year’s Eve in community, using creative expression and intention-setting to find out what I wanted to leave behind and to gain clarity about the year ahead. The retreat did not disappoint! Soul Journey was life-affirming and life-changing in so many ways! I grieved, I celebrated, I danced, I created. I felt into my heart and my truth, set my intentions, felt grounded and spiritually connected all at once, and left with a renewed sense of self-love and joy, and with the most non-judgmental, warm and easy circle of new friends you can imagine. Honestly, I didn’t want it to ever end! With Susie and Nichole you are in safe hands. They are both warm and accessible. And they manage to strike that perfect balance between letting everyone’s feelings and needs be heard, acknowledged, and accommodated without anyone else’s needs feeling stepped on. They made sure each of us was responsible for ourselves, and yet also held a safe container for us to express our needs and desires. I don’t have enough ritual in my life and knowing that I’m returning to Soul Journey this year feels like a true gift to myself.
— Ellise N., Oakland, CA

Join me and an intimate circle of beautiful, heart-centered women

for the most unforgettable New Year's Eve of your life.

Soul Journey is an all-inclusive creativity retreat in beautiful Mendocino county, California.

Fees include ALL lodging, meals, materials, and programming.

Because you are a Friend of a Soul Journey Alumna you are privy to the BEST PRICE AVAILABLE! You are eligible to get the special discount that I'm only offering to the women who attended last year's retreat AND YOU! 

This price is ONLY available to you this month, from May 6th thru June 5th. After that you can still sign up (if any spots are left), but at the market rate price, which is a full $400 over this discount.

SPECIAL DISCOUNT PRICE for Insiders: $1848

There are three payment options: 

  • you can pay in full, $1848

  • or 6 monthly payments of only $308

  • or 4 monthly payments of $462

These multi-payment plans include a $20 per payment processing fee. See cancellation policy at the bottom of this page.

Here's what the rest of the world will see on June 6th:

Early Bird price: $1950

through August 1st, 2018

Full price: $2250

Last year's Soul Journey Retreat sold out! And this year we already have only a few spots left. Is one of them yours?

At Soul Journey: New Year's Eve Creativity Retreat you'll dip your hands into paint, share your stories, and celebrate in intimate, kindred community. You'll get clear on the kind of year you want to craft for yourself going forward.

This is powerful work.

I've changed my own life with the New Year's Eve practices I'll be sharing with you. And I know you can change your life, too.

That's why I can't wait to spend New Year's Eve together.

A gathering for soulful creative play (art journaling and more), ceremony, and visioning the life of your dreams.

I am still in awe of my experiences at the retreat with you and the amazing women with whom I am now connected. Experiencing your retreat and learning art journaling and opening my mind, heart and spirit to the new at Soul Journey has changed my life. As I write, direct and produce the Third Act of My Life, I feel like I have entered an exciting and heart-full stage and it was your retreat that ushered in new and wonderful challenges.
— Leora B.

This retreat in all its facets took me for a wild ride inside myself. I discovered things that had been hiding in the shadows, not willing to come out. Art journaling helped coax some of those parts of me into the light. I came into the retreat fearful of art. I had never done it before and thought it was something I couldn’t do. By the end of the first day, I was the one closing down the studio every night, often working into the wee hours. I couldn’t STOP creating! Finding my hidden bravery, it made me wonder about the OTHER aspects of my life where I have told myself, “You can’t do THAT.”

I promise, you will laugh a lot. You will cry a lot. You will discover new things about yourself. You will be energized. You will be amazed at how well you are cared for by a group of women you have just met. You will shed your skin and start the new year NEW. Like a fire that creates its own weather, the energy of this group did just that. Meeting people and hearing their stories, being witness to their art and their process was truly inspiring. It’s hard to pick out just one activity or experience that stood out. It was all incredible!
— Kristina R., Mariposa, CA
If you are depleted from being the giver and doer, invest time in yourself by coming to this retreat. Engage in creative exploration, reflection, movement, and sharing with an amazing group of kindred spirits. You will be nourished by the food and the experience!
You’ll be transformed.
— Melanie K.
2017 was a rough year for me- I lost my job in May, never really found my way again, and became quite lost. I’d given my all to my company (practically 24/7/365) and in the end, it didn’t even matter. That shifted my thought process and I knew I needed to invest in myself. Soul Journey was just what I was looking for! I learned to really connect with my thoughts and feelings and work through those difficult life events AND at the same time to celebrate the amazing things that happened. I made some great life-long friends, too! Honestly, I feel like I’ve found my secret with Soul Journey. I don’t know if I want to let that secret out into the world!
— Carly S., Los Angeles, CA

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Join me and my creative soul sister, Nichole Warwick for the juiciest, most auspicious, awe-inspiring and awe-wakening New Year's Eve of your life!

Nourishing art-making, nourishing food and nourishing connections...what could be better?

Find out about Nichole here!

Susie and Nichole created a safe space to be vulnerable, to be open, and to have it be OK if you didn’t want to do ANY of what they had planned. I came in with some fears that were quickly dashed by how well they held the group.
— Kristina R., Mariposa, CA

Learn about my creative New Year's Eve practices in the videos below.

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In this video I introduce my new year's intention-setting workbook that will be a big part of our process at Soul Journey.

This video talks about my New Year's practice of choosing a word for the year.

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At Soul Journey: New Year's Eve Creativity Retreat you will:

  • Join an intimate circle of kindred spirits for 5 days of unbridled creativity and visioning.
  • Close out the old year with a thoughtful, introspective review of what happened...and what didn't happen.
  • Learn and take home meaningful practices that you can use throughout the year to create a purposeful and fulfilling life.
  • Dance across the sacred threshold between the Old and New Years.
  • Nourish your creative spirit with days of art journaling, dreamboards, and more.
  • Nourish your body with delicious, organic, and lovingly prepared meals.
  • Nourish your soul with down time in the blissful comfort of a beautiful, country setting.


Take a look at the gorgeous retreat center where we'll be dancing in the new year here...

Read more about the beautiful program we've crafted for you here..

The New Year is a threshold moment. It's a moment to...

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Take Stock. look back on where we've been and--before we cross through that doorway--soak in how far we've come, what we have accomplished, and what not.

• How have I inhabited my life this year?

• What have I done that I can bring forward with me?

• What do I need to shed?

It's a time that is rich for reflection.

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Breathe. And then Listen.

These are days that make it more important than ever to make space for deep listening...listening to your innermost voice...your truest voice

It is ever more powerful to do this work with creativity and in community. When engaging the creative mind we give voice to our intuition, our core wisdom. That knowing is always with us--though we often are too busy and too distracted to listen.

That voice is our guide to live the life we are longing for.

The life we know we were meant to live.

Dream and then Manifest.

How many years have you gotten out your pen and paper and written down your resolutions?

How far did that get you?

I know for me, it didn't get me far, except into a shame-fest of everything I didn't change, didn't accomplish, didn't remember to do. Forget that!




  • 4 nights' lodging. (See photos here.) Shared rooms and baths (all close in proximity). NOTE: There is ONE single room available. You can put your name in the hat for it once we get closer to the retreat date. Additional fee for this room is $600.
  • All of your meals daily. Lovingly prepared by our personal chef. Mostly organic ingredients. Most dietary restrictions accommodated to the best of our ability (Lactose intolerant, no gluten, Paleo, vegetarian, etc.? Let us know when you register and we will do our best for you.)
  • All art materials (save for your art journal). Paints, stencils, stamps, collage, the usual. (You won't believe what Susie can pack in her van!)
  • Two facilitators! Susie and Nichole...magic happens when these two put their heads together!
You’ll learn so much about yourself. And feel lighter when you leave.
— Debby

Nourish your heart, your soul and your body. 



  • art journaling

  • intuitive creativity projects (inspiration cards, dreamboards, etc.)

  • movement (playtime, yoga, tai chi, and dance)

  • sharing of our stories 

Each day will include personal creative time (free for you to choose how you'd like to spend it...maybe a nap or a walk or a swim, or maybe time to sit and chat with a new or old friend...or more art making!) 

And...the art space will be open at night for those night owls who would like to keep working. :)

art journal page: "On a Journey to my Truth"

Dreamboard, Word of the Year, 2015: SHINE

Dreamboard, Word of the Year, 2015: SHINE

art journal page: "My Name"

art journal page: "My Name"

Inspiration cards

Inspiration cards

This is more than an art retreat.

This is more than a New Year's Eve experience.

This is a life changing opportunity.

This is a chance to walk into your next year blooming!


An unbelievable opportunity to craft the life you dream of through creativity and intention with other like-minded women.

It's easy to blindly walk through our lives feeling like we have no options, other than to manage the chaos swirling around us.

Wouldn't you rather call forth some profound new insights about what you want in your life rather than go to that dreadful New Year's Eve party for the tenth year in a row?

Or sit home alone and wonder why? Or watch another football game and halftime show?

This is for you if:

  • You are a woman aching for a safe and sacred space in which to discover yourself.
  • You are longing for meaningful ritual and creative practices in your life.
  • You are tired of the same old, weary, superficial New Year's routine.
  • You aren't an artist, or maybe you are. It's for anyone no matter your art background.
  • You want, more than practically anything, your life to have purpose.
  • You want some guidance in creating that for yourself.

This is not for you if:

  • You are interested in a technique-driven art program.
  • You want to make beautiful things, rather than find beauty in the process itself.
  • You want to watch the Rose Parade on New Year's morning.
  • You don't believe in the magic of creativity.


Dates: Saturday, December 29, 2018 - Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Fee options: 

(includes EVERYTHING you need for the most magical and transformative retreat of your life: ALL lodging, meals, materials, and programming.)

  • $1848 Special Friend-of-Alumnae price

  • 3 payment options available to YOU only through June 5th!

    • in full

    • 4 payments of $462

    • 6 payments of $308


Cancellation policy: We will refund your payment minus a $500 non-refundable deposit (or, if you paid with an installment plan, your first one or two payments) up until November 29. After that time, all payments are 100% nonrefundable.