Wouldn't it be amazing to be together again...this coming New Year's Eve?

So, I want to ask you…

Do you remember how it felt to be in tender, open, incredible community on New Year’s Eve?

And to wear your jammies morningnoonandnight for five days?

To be held in our truly non-judgmental community?

To express from your deepest heart?

To close out the studio every night when you were good and done? 

How transformed were you on January 2nd? 


Who's in so far?

Morgan Johnson

Ellise Nicholson

Kristina Rylands

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Dear dear dear Soul Journeyers, 

Hard to believe that more than a quarter of the year is almost gone. It flies, time does. And so that means that Soul Journey...the Sequel (😂) is already being polished and readied for next New Year’s Eve! LOL. Well, almost anyways.

The truth is that ever since we spent those precious and magical five days together at Yokayo Ranch, I have thought of you daily, I have held our experiences in my heart, and your amazing spirits have buoyed me on my own harder days. I love love LOVED our time together and cannot wait to be together again.

So. Here’s the scoop: I am getting ready to start advertising Soul Journey 2018 to the general public, but I want to make you an offer you can’t refuse first. I want you to have first dibs on the nine spots so that if you are called to be there again with us, you have the opportunity to do just that.

I’m sure you’re wondering what the cost is. And yes, I promise I’ll get to that. But first the details:

DATES: Saturday, December 29, 2018 thru Wednesday, January 2, 2019

TIME: 5PM arrival on the 29th. 3PM departure on the 2nd.

WHAT’S INCLUDED: EVERYTHING. All delicious meals. All materials. Lodging. Magic. Connection. Love.

LOCATION: Beautiful Yokayo Ranch in Ukiah, CA.

PARTICIPANTS: Only 7 plus staff.

FACILITATORS: Yours truly and Nichole too 😊 your beloved creative team




The full price for the general public will be: $2100.

The early bird price for the general public will be: $1950.

YOUR price is: $1848.

That’s no higher than last year's full price and a whopping $400 off this year's full price! Can you BELIEVE that?!

That makes it pretty sweet, pretty simple and pretty affordable! 

This price is not going to be available to anyone else EXCEPT…except I have one more amazing offer: 

I'm making it available to your good friends TOO

In other words, if you want to bring a friend along this year, she can get this ALUMNAE-only price because she’s coming with you! How’s that? 

The deadline for you to grab your spot (without competition) at this $400 discount is MAY 5th and on MAY 6th I will open it up to your friends. (I'll send you a link.) FOR ONE MONTH ONLY they will be able to grab their spots at this discounted price. After that, it's market value.

General public will get their offering on June 6th. IF THERE ARE ANY SPOTS LEFT! 


So I want to ask you…How hard is your heart tugging at you right this moment?

My beloved Soul Journey tribe…I am looking forward to spending New Year’s Eve with you again this year!

If you’re interested click the button below: 

Questions? Shoot me an email!

With all my love...

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