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Sacred Circles

an exploration of making art in the round

Sunday, July 29th

1 - 4PM


with Alice

Let go.
Find your childhood mojo. 
Paint on your hands. 
Fingertips tracing circles. 
Find the little seedling in the center and watch it grow. 


“Mandala” is the Sanskrit word for circle but the meaning of the word mandala is much bigger than that.  SO much bigger, that the shape of the mandala is said to represent the whole universe. In this class we will learn about the cultural history of the mandala as well as create our own circular, meditative art. 

We will begin by making simple circular art. Getting our fingers a little painty and playing. Ease into the practice of making mandalas. 

We will then move into drawing more ornate circular shapes using tips and tricks Alice has learned over the years. We will explore different shapes and techniques to make hand drawn circular art. We will breathe together. We will get grounded. We will get quiet together. We will create together.

You'll leave feeling calm and satisfied.

This class has been taught to CEO’s who haven’t tried to draw in decades and to people who consider themselves artists. People of all creative abilities will enjoy and benefit from meditative mandala art. The final results are inspiring and everyone leaves with a new tool in creative play. 

Alice and Unfold Studio will provide most of the supplies, but you may want to purchase your own Micron pens for this project (then you can easily continue this peaceful practice at home). Once you register you'll receive an email with information about the pens.





TIME: 1 to 4PM

FEE: $89

summertime discount.jpg

WHO: Open to all genders, age 13 and up.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Full refund until one month prior. After that time we are happy to refund 50% of your registration fee if we are able to fill your spot. Last minute cancellations and no shows (no matter your reason) forfeit their fees.