LESSON 7 :: Inspiration Card Deck Part 1


I love my inspiration card decks on so many levels.

The cards are just beautiful. I love what the spray inks do. It's surprising and very satisfying to look at them over and over again, finding new areas of color and pattern that please me.

The words remind me of how I want to feel in my life. My decks always include cards that are currently on my "How I want to feel" list. This list does change. So, I try to keep my cards up to date...and that's a fun inner artist playdate I like to have!

They make great gifts. I actually keep several sets around for birthdays and special moments when I'd like to share them with a friend or loved one. They are always appreciated...and making them is so fun. (This year, I made a deck on Thanksgiving morning and took them to my cousin's house. Then, quietly, I placed one on each place setting. When everyone sat down to eat they were so surprised to find them and looked for "just the right one". After dinner everyone shared their words out loud. It was really lovely!)



I feel it's very important to put intention and thought behind your inspiration card words. That's why I've broken this project up into two parts. For Lesson 7, I'd like you to print out worksheet packet 3 and create a full list of what I'm calling starring words and supporting cast words. The more work you do up front, the fewer mistakes will happen when you make the cards.

Starring words: These are your main words. For me, they're words that show up repeatedly on my word lists for my word of the year and my "How I want to feel" worksheet. They're words that remind me of the qualities I often forget to bring into my life, but that my heart longs for. Words such as flow, ease, pause, heart. These are words that conjure up such powerful sensations of relaxation in me. Other words like power, direction, focus remind me to come back to my center when I am drifting off. There's no limit to the number of words you should/could have on your list. The only limit is time and how many cards you have to make!

Supporting cast words: These are the words that are synonyms of the starring words. My list usually is flexible in that I don't require my words to be exact definitions of the stars. I like to think of these words as the ones that remind me more deeply of what I mean when I think of this word. And my definition is sometimes looser than a dictionary's. I like to use a thesaurus, the online visual thesaurus, a dictionary, and just my own brain to come up with my words. You might want to type up your final list so that you have it for the future where you can easily find it.

In Lesson 8 you'll get a tutorial video that shows you the entire process of creating your cards. But first, dive into this worksheet!

worksheet packet pdf (button)


Select 10 of the words that really spoke to you in the preceding week's lessons. Use them as your main card words, then surround them with words with a similar meaning or message.

Use synonyms for your Guiding Word for the Year. Make a deck that includes the many different meanings of your Word.

Start an inspiration card monthly practice. Create a master list of inspiring words and each month choose one or ten (or any number that works for you) and spend some creative time creating your cards. You can precut paper and play with spray inks as part of the practice or you can spend more time playing with the spray inks once, collect a big pile of cards, and each month draw from the pile to make your cards.

Create key life areas inspiration card decks. Look at page 16 and the words you collected there. Then create card decks for each area: Relationships/Society/Community, Work/Career/Finances, Home/Lifestyle, Family, Spiritual Life, Creative Life, and Body/Health/Sexuality. 

Create a deck of words for a friend recovering from illness or going through a hard time. These beautiful cards are a great gift of inspiration in the dark days. Think of words that would be helpful for your friend and create a deck with them.

Create a name deck. Write someone's name on the card and then, around the edges, write the qualities that make that person special. Or, make it a family activity. Each person can offer words to describe themselves, as well as words for each other person. Then create a master list of these words and attributes. If everyone makes the spray ink cards, they can each make their own deck of cards. Or, you can create a deck for each person.


Create an inspiration quote deck. Use inspiring quotes (one per card) instead of words. 

Create an inspiration poster. Instead of cutting up a full page of ink spray designs, use it as a sheet and write out all of your words on the page.