LESSON 6 :: Calling in the Power of my Word


So you've found your word, or it's found you. Now what? Well let's play with it, let's see what else the Universe wants to tell you about this word and how it's going to inspire you this year.

A dreamboard is a wonderful way to combine intuition with imagery. A dreamboard is a collage that holds tremendous mystery and possibility. 

It's very simple. And yet the key is not easy. The key is allowing images onto the page that you might not have planned to include. That's the intuition part. And that part brings in the element of the unconscious and all it has to say to you.

NOTE 1: You can do this collage in your art journal or you can do it, bigger, on a piece of foam core board.

NOTE 2: The directions for this lesson are below as well as in a pdf document that you can download and print out. 


dreamboard pdf (button)




  • a variety of magazines
  • scissors
  • glue stick or tape runner or mod podge
  • surface for the collage (I like a piece of foam core board)
  • also: printer, computer, internet, paper


1. With your Guiding Word for 2016 in mind, go through the magazines pulling out pages with images that for some reason speak to you. Don't be fussy. Pull the whole page out and make a pile. You'll trim later.

You may have certain images in mind for your collage, for example, clouds or waves or oak trees, but also keep your mind open to the images that make no sense to you but are waving their hands saying, "Choose me!" Why a hyena? Why a loaf of French bread? Why a bridge? Don't question...just collect.

For example, in my dreamboard collage (below) for my 2015 word, SHINE, the images I chose intentionally were: the sunsets; the photos of myself with sun flares; and the wave, ice cave and forest with sun flares. The images I wasn't expecting but that wanted to be included: the flowering cactus plant, the girl with the yellow umbrella; the orange and white parachute; the window and window seat; the paint brushes; and the elephant card.

2. Once you feel like you have a pile that's got critical mass, pause your collecting and start trimming. There's no rules about trimming, you can trim right up to an image (like the dragonfly, below) or you can trim around an image in a rectangle or other shape. That's totally up to you. Using small, fine pointed details scissors is helpful for shaped trimming.

3. Print out some selfies or photos other people have taken of you. Print out photos of people you love.

4. If there are images that you feel are somehow missing from your collection, go online and search for images that you'd like to use. Copy them and paste into a Word doc. Then print out and add to your collection.

5. Start to arrange things on your board. See what fits. In my experience, not everything will. Or you may need to add more to cover the whole surface. Arrange the images until the composition is satisfying.

6. Take a picture of it with your phone. That way when you take things off the board, you can refer to the image to put things back exactly the way you worked it out originally.

7. Glue down, starting with the images that are on the bottom layer of the arrangement.

For example, in my collage below, I first glued down the house with glowing lights, the parachute, the snow cave, and the sunset with river and trees. Then I glued down the girl with the umbrella, the silhouette of the girl with the words Be Boundless, etc. The last thing to go down was the dragonfly.



Now that you've created a dreamboard for your word of the year, and you've incorporated images that you both understand AND are baffled by...what now? My suggestion is to step back from it, as you would from any art journal page that you created from an intuitive standpoint. Step back and look at each element. Consider the symbolism of each. Let your mind get quiet and then ask it: "What does this mean?" See what comes up. Generally, I believe you'll find that your unconscious mind knows what each image represents, even if your conscious mind does not. Getting quiet, meditating, or just being still for a moment allows the unconscious mind to speak up and share its story with the conscious mind.


When you're done with your dreamboard, put it somewhere you'll be able to see it frequently. For the dreamboard below, I took a photo and uploaded it to my computer as my screen wallpaper. I've been looking at it all year and it's reminded me every time I turn on my computer to SHINE. Use it as your phone's wallpaper. Hang it on the wall above your craft table. Put it somewhere you'll see it regularly. And post a picture of it to our Facebook group page!