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Come Back to Center

New Year’s workbook

Creating a Year of Intention with reflection, creativity & dreaming

40+ full color interactive pages for transformative New Year’s inspired work! With all new sections this year. And available in hardcopy and digital!

The New Year is a time for reflection…what happened, what didn’t happen, the lessons learned, the moments cherished

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The New Year is a time for intention setting…what do I want the next year to look like, to feel like, to become

The New Year is a time for dreaming and manifesting…getting clear on what the life is I most want to be living… 

That’s why I created my powerful New Year’s Intention Setting workbook, Come Back to Center, for you.

It’s part reflection journal, part Inspiration Word treasure hunt. It’s an opportunity to dig deep into the life you’ve been living, the life you want to be living and all the pieces that take that from dream to reality.

Using Susie’s workbook for my New Year’s practice is something I love to return to year after year. It gives me the space to get focused on what I want to bring into my life. No more New Year’s resolutions for me. I love the visioning that she inspires in this process!

~ Nancy D.


“Susie has created a fabulous resource to reflect on the prior year and envision and create clear intentions for the new year. It helped me find a word for the year and the journaling and creative processes took me very deep! I am excited to use this again!”

~ Allison Wilson


What’s included in the workbook?


Part 1: Reflecting on the Past Year

Part 2: How I Want to Feel

Part 3: Word Collecting

Part 4: Creating a Year of Intention

Part 5: Practice Self-Care

Part 6: Practice Gratitude

Part 7: Dreaming

Part 8: Going Forward, Checking in

Within the pages of this original workbook are exercises for finding closure on the past year, assessing the pieces of your life that fill you up (and those that drain you dry), treasure hunting for your word of the year, and also a place to dream big and small for 2019. This is a workbook you'll return to throughout the year to reassess your progress and remind yourself of what you determined was important at the turn of the year! Each section of the workbook has been developed to provide you with opportunities to take a deeper look at your life, the areas that need attention and the ones that are doing just fine. Creativity breaks and art journal prompts are woven in, and there’s lots of space for journaling, doodling, and diving deep into what nourishes you and your best life!

This is from last year’s workbook…this year’s is even more beautiful and has several new sections!


hardcopy: $30

pick up in the studio or

mailed to you in the US, S&H: $10

mailed to you outside the US S&H (we’ll let you know!)

digital: $17

interactive or not, 47 page printable pdf download

Refund policy: If your hardcopy workbook is damaged in shipping we will replace at no charge to you. If for any reason you are not happy with it, return to us and we will refund your money minus shipping charges. There are no refunds on purchases of the PDF download.