Healing our Mother Stories through Art Journaling & the Expressive Arts

a Mother's Day Weekend Heart-Centered Creativity Retreat at Unfold Studio

May 12th - 13th

Saturday & Sunday, 10am to 5pm

All materials included. • Catered lunch optional  With additional unstructured studio time Saturday from 5 to 9PM

Motherland cradle me, close my eyes,
Lullaby me to sleep.
Keep me safe, lie with me,
Stay beside me don’t go.
Don’t you go.
— Natalie Merchant

Throughout the many years of my art journaling journey I have returned again and again to the topic of motherhood. Whether telling my own story as a mother or going deeper into the stories of my mother and me--and even my mother's own stories--my journaling practice has prompted profound revelations and been an instrument of transformation for me. My relationships with my mom and my children have been forever changed--in a very positive way--by the self-discovery that I have experienced in this process.

For this reason, I believe that there is a kind of soulful power that comes with the work we do in our journals. Through the process of peeling back the layers of our mother stories we can touch deeper understanding, deeper compassion, and an imperative for truth-telling. Our mother stories are a part of the fabric of our own beings. They are part of our histories, our present and our futures. I could talk for days about my mother stories and never tire of the retelling, reimagining, and revealing.

Please join me and Nichole Warwick, my partner in creative crime (we led the Soul Journey New Year's Eve Creativity Retreat together), as we spend Mother's Day Weekend together at Unfold Studio, unraveling our mother stories with art journaling; expressive movement; and intimate, creative community. What better way to honor yourself, your mother, and your Creative Spirit?

berries and thorns collage wm.jpg
mother daughter dance wm.jpg

We all have mothers. Some of us are mothers. Even those of us with absent mothers, have mothers whose presence is defined by that absence. Mother and all that that conjures up is one of the most defining elements of who we are, for better or for worse. This is all incredible fodder for the art journal!

During this workshop we will: 

  • Connect with the stories that shape us
  • Tell our stories
  • Find the imagery that resonates 
  • Give voice to our wordless heart

We will:

  • Art journal
  • Dance and move our bodies
  • Share both in intimate pairs and whole group
  • Care for our creative spirits
  • Relax
  • Play

What better way to spend Mother's Day than that?



Saturday, May 12, thru Sunday, May 13th, 10am to 5pm

fee: $449


All supplies included in this cost.

OPTIONAL CATERED LUNCH: Down to Earth Cafe in Cotati will be catering our lunch both days. They are my new favorite cafe in the studio neighborhood! If you would like to treat yourself to a delicious catered lunch for only $20 per day (which includes tax and tip), please choose that option at checkout. Click the link below to see their box lunch menu. Orders will need to be placed about a week ahead of time.

who: Open to adults of all genders.

lodging: Lodging is not included in this retreat. If you are interested in suggestions please email Susie.

cancellation: 75% refund if you cancel up to one month before the retreat. After that, if your plans change or you are ill the weekend of the retreat, please let us know. We are happy to refund 50% of your registration fee if we are able to fill your spot.

Susie Stonefield Miller is an artist and expressive arts facilitator, certified through the Person Centered Expressive Arts Therapy Institute. She has been caring for tender hearts and guiding shy inner artists into the light at Unfold Studio for the past four years. More info about her here...

Nichole Warwick is an inter-disciplinary facilitator and educator working in Sonoma County, trained in Person-Centered Expressive Arts for Healing and Social Change through Saybrook University. She is passionate about health, our environment, grief work, and youth. More info about her here...

Loved it. Love you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
— Retreat participant
Susie and Nichole created a warm, welcoming space where people could be and express themselves! They were responsive, supportive, and authentic. I felt deep gratitdue for their generosity and excellent preparation and planning.
— Allison Wilson, Anchorage, AK
Nichole and Susie created a safe space to be vulnerable and open. I came in with some fears that were quickly dashed by how well they held the group.
— Kristina Rylands, Mariposa, CA
I loved how Susie and Nichole held the space at the retreat. They are both warm and accessible. They held a safe container for us and made sure everyone felt heard, seen and acknowledged. They are incredibly talented facilitators and lovely people!
— Ellise N., Oakland, CA
With Nichole and Susie you can share your deepest, darkest feelings, knowing you aren’t alone and that you have support surrounding you. What a warm feeling to have!
— Carly S., Los Angeles, CA

A gallery of Susie's many Mother Story pages.