FAQ’s: Frequently Asked Questions


Who is art journaling for?

My classes are for beginners on up. I have many many women who come in saying they are NOT artistic and I gently encourage their inner artists to come out into the light. For those who consider themselves artsy, it's heaven too! That's because art journaling is process not product oriented. It is FREEDOM, healing, playtime. It's engrossing!

What happens in class?

Basically, when you come for the 3 hour drop-in class I will give you an intro to art journaling, showing you my journals and talking about what art journaling is (a rules free expressive process using art supplies, images, pattern, layers, and words). I give you a tour of the studio and the myriad supplies (paints, rubber stamps, collage extravaganza, stencils, colored pencils, pens, etc. etc. etc.). I teach you how to set up journal pages (to make them sturdy for all the work you'll do on them) and then I set you free to begin your journal.

Do I need to bring anything?

You can bring your own sketchbook (I recommend 9x11" or bigger) or buy one for $18-30 in the studio. Everything else is supplied!

What if I don't know how to art journal?

Every week I post a journaling prompt (which is optional) and during class I teach and demo techniques and interesting ways to use materials.

Three hours seems like a long time? Can I come late?

After teaching this class for a while I've discovered that three hours is the sweet spot. It's just enough time to finish up at least one page, if not more. And it's enough time for sharing. We generally wrap up our work time about 30 minutes before the end of class, clean up, and then have a heart opening sharing time. Sharing is AMAZING in this class. It's really where the community is built and it's such a supportive community!! Everyone really shows up with authenticity, compassion, and inspiration. Sharing your pages is always optional, but most women do feel comfortable enough to do it. (If you come late to class, I suggest you give yourself at least two hours. You may feel a little rushed, but it's enough time to get some work done.)



Can I Bring My Kids?

Sorry, no. Unfold Studio classes are for adults only. It’s a special energy that we create in the studio and the sharing we do is often very personal, often of an adult nature, and we don't want anyone to feel they have to censor themselves due to "young ears."

What do you mean, "it's engrossing"?

Art journaling is a healing practice. It's meditative. it's truth-telling. It's visceral. I have to say most of my students really, really feel this. What usually happens is that once you've journaled a couple times you are craving the time to journal some more. During your week something will happen and you'll immediately think, "Oh, I need to journal about that!!"

How much does it cost?

Your first class is only $10 (your Meetup RSVP fee). After that it's $40 if you pay by the class or you can get a $5 discount on six classes with a class card for $150. You will still need to pay the $10 RSVP fee each time, this is part of the cost of a class (total of $35 per class). This covers almost all of your materials (everything but the sketchbook!) and time in the studio

Why Meetup.com and why the RSVP FEE? 

Meetup.com is the online platforms I use to manage class attendance and RSVP's. In order to assure you have a seat in the class you want to attend, you need to go to meetup.com to sign up. Here's a link to my group page. The RSVP fee is $10. If you don't RSVP I'm not able to promise you a seat.

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellation policies vary by offering. They are noted individually on each page, with each program.