Join me for a week of live videos introducing you to the joys of art journaling.

What are the main elements of an art journal page? I break it down into the key ingredients, show you some of my pages and talk about how you can start to transform you life through this creative practice. Follow me on Facebook to get notified when I go live. Here's the link ⟶ SUSIE ON FACEBOOK

I don't know about you, but I swoon for color! 

Join me for a free challenge on social media. I'll be sharing all new art journal prompts with you and you can share your art journal pages a creative community of people who are sharing in the fun! Follow me on Instagram and join me in my Facebook community, Unfold Your Creative Spirit - An Art Journaling Community. That's where you can grab the prompts, post your pics, get inspired, and talk about what comes up for you in your process. 




Wanting to art journal but not sure how? This course is for you!

In Start Art Journaling! I've combined the basics you need to get started, with some core technique lessons, as well as some of the deep, heart-opening work that I feel is the core of the process. It's one thing to play with art supplies, it's another to feel the catharsis and healing that happens when you get out of your head, into your heart and onto the page with paint, collage, words and more. This is a very robust course, hours of learning and play. Learn more about it here ⟶ LEARN MORE.

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Art making saves me. And it can save you too.

These are challenging times. And even if we weren't in political upheaval, feeling that the troubles of the world were laying heavy on our shoulders, life has a way of making us work hard. Chronic illness, financial issues, parenting, stress and overwork, transitions, loss, grief, depression...all of this we hold in our bodies, our minds and our hearts.

This is where art journaling becomes a salve. Taking action makes a difference, even if that action is just to express what's on your heart and mind for yourself in your art journal. It's a relief to paint the darkness, to play with your shadow and to explore what's really deep down inside you.

Join me for six weeks of journaling prompts, videos, live video calls, and a very supportive and connected private community of kindred spirits.