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Autumnal Equinox

Saturday, September 21, 2019, 12pm to 5pm

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What better time for some creative manifesting than the turn of the season?

What better place than in the nurturing and sacred space of Unfold Your Creative Spirit Studio?

The New Year. The Equinox. The Solstice. A time of new beginnings. A time of assessing where we’re going - and where we aren't. A time to check back in with yourself and your goals and dreams and desires for 2019 and realign.

And, a time to dig down into that pocket of desires and pull out the scraps of paper holding your dreams for your life. Little dreams, big dreams...impossible to even imagine dreams. They can all go on your dreamboard!

It's time to stop being so shy, my friend. It's time to tell the Universe what you want and need to create your big, bold and beautiful life! Don't hold back. Please! You deserve to live your FULLEST, most GORGEOUS life.

What is it you want for 2019? What are you longing for? What are you hesitantly wishing would come your way? It’s not too late to get into alignment (or get into realignment) for 2019.

Creating a dreamboard collage is a way to focus your desires and dreams for the year ahead. It's a gathering of ideas, images, and words. It's a board covered with your most potent and heartfelt intentions. 

A dreamboard is part plan and part intuition. It's part meditation and part crafting.

It's collecting, trimming, placing, and gluing. And when it's done, it wholly satisfying and inspiring.

How do you make a dreamboard?

We collect elements from magazines, calendars, the internet, and other sources, and then sort, trim, and arrange until the composition feels complete. We trust our intuition--and ignore the Voice that says What does that mean? You can't have that!--to create a board that we may not even fully understand until later. Finally, we glue it all down on a piece of sturdy foam core and allow the magic to start flowing in!

This work is powerful, fruitful, and juicy.

Susie's challenge and encouragement to do a dreamboard brought me face to face with what I truly hoped for in the coming years. It brought clarity to my priorities. I also realized it opened up a belief that good things are available to me. I needed to ask. I needed to believe. The dreamboard was a visual expression of all of this.

~ Mindy Braun, Santa Rosa

I have been bowled over by the power of dreamboard collaging since I started this practice! I am in love with this process. The collecting and sorting. The trusting my guts when an image says "Use me!" even when I'm not sure what it means or represents. I keep my boards where I can see them every day. They inspire me. They remind me of what I want to manifest in my life, where I want to go, and what my strengths are. (I have one posted above my computer and one in the studio. I even use a photograph of another one as my wallpaper on my computer screen!) I find the collage process freeing and thought-provoking.

Best of all, I've manifested some big and little dreams and goals which appeared on my boards. And quickly, too.

I’ve taken Susie Miller‘s dreamboard workshop for two years in a row. I’ve loved the process of taking the time to settle into my conscious and unconscious visions of the year. Things came up for me that were unexpected and wonderful. I look at my dreamboards often and use them as touchstones for the year’s unfolding.

~ Amy Gray, Petaluma


Won't you join me for an afternoon of dreamy creating? 

At Unfold Studio, I've created the perfect atmosphere for dreamboard collaging and manifesting your creative life. Sparkly inspiration wafts around the room, inviting you to let go of everything tugging at you, distracting you, and discouraging you from dipping into your well and finding what your heart desires. 

I'll help you settle in with an entrancing guided meditation. The quiet of our beautiful circle helps us get--and stay--focused on what's important to us. 

This was the dreamboard collage I created when i wanted to manifest my art teaching studio. Believe it or not, I moved into Unfold Studio only a few months later!

I promise, you will be surprised by what rises to the surface!

The studio is full-to-overflowing with everything you need to create your board. You need not bring a thing. However, you may want to collect a few pieces that catch your eye or feel relevant to add to your collage:

  • a few selfies in various sizes, printed on regular printer paper

  • magazines that you love or inspire you

  • greeting cards with images or words that speak to you

  • quotes and words that move you

  • pieces of nature (feathers, moss, etc.)

  • images that tug at you



6 Spots Available

DATES: Saturday, September 21st

TIME: 12:00 to 5:00pm       

WHERE: Unfold Your Creative Spirit Studio

COST: $89 EARLY BIRD PRICE (thru 8/21), $109 FULL PRICE

All supplies provided.

CANCELLATION POLICY: If I can fill your spot, I'm happy to refund your fee minus 25%.