I’m the Queen of the Deep Dive.

To me, creative expression is the best path to transformation and we don’t get there by floating on the surface making pretty pictures. I mean that. This is not about your Instagram feed. This is about digging into your TRUTH with creativity. This is what I’m passionate about.

Unfold Studio is one of the only places I feel safe to dig into my dark stuff. That is priceless.”

~ Participant


Join me for multiple week courses based around themes that are meaningful, relevant, and pressing.

  • Our Love/Hate relationships with our bodies

  • Grief

  • Transition

  • Menopause

  • Sexual/gender identity

  • Healing our mother stories

  • And more!


At Unfold Studio and online, Susie carefully crafts a container to hold you in your process as you navigate the hard emotions that arise and guides you to give your creative spirit a voice and the tools to full and powerful expression.

Upcoming Deep Dives


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