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Get focused on the life you want to be living

with creative retreat days at Unfold Studio this New Year!

December 9th ❤ December 16th ❤ January 12th ❤ January 20th

10am to 5pm

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The end/beginning of the year asks us to stop, take stock, and then, move forward with purpose.

With the cold air comes a desire to hunker down with the most important things, that which warms our hearts and souls and fills our lives with satisfaction.  

The New Year is a threshold moment. A wonderful time to look back on where we've been, reflect on where we are right now, and look ahead to where we want to go next in our journey.

That's why I'm offering my popular New Year's Retreat Days again for the turn of the year. Three inspired days for pausing and contemplating:

  • Where have I been?

  • What have I seen?

  • What worked for me and what did not?

  • What will I take with me into the new year?

as well as:

  • What do I deeply desire?

  • What are my unbound dreams?

  • What do I most want to bring into my life?

Three inspired creativity retreat days for helping you come back to center.

Each workshop provides you with an expressive process to hone into your dreams and intentions for the coming year.

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Reflection Retreat Day

You really can't move forward until you've looked back. On December 9th we'll spend a day journaling, art journaling, and saying goodbye to the old year. Dig into Susie's original new year's workbook. Reflect and learn what this year had to teach you. We'll have some powerful rituals to bid farewell to 2018. Clear your path for a fulfilling new year!

Inspiration Words Retreat Day


We'll uncover our guiding word for the year and then create a deck of beautiful inspiration cards. Keep them tucked into your purse or out on your dresser. Post them on your bulletin board. Or use them like oracle cards. This deck of inspiration will bring you right back to your core intentions all year long. Offered December 16th and January 20th.

Dreamboards Visioning Day

On January 12th, we'll lean into our intuition to create powerful collage dreamboards (also known as vision boards) to call in our hopes, dreams, and core messages for the coming year. There are several focus options with these boards: your words of the year, dreams for the year, areas in your life, or a completely intuitive collage to see what shows up. 


All programs include a powerful and inspiring workbook that I've created just for you...Come Back to Center: Creating a Year of Intention.


Within the pages of this 30+ page workbook are exercises for finding closure on the past year, assessing the pieces of your life that fill you up (and those that drain you dry), treasure hunting for your word of the year, and also a place to dream big and small for 2019. This is a workbook you'll return to throughout the year to reassess your progress and remind yourself of what you determined was important at the turn of the year!

Join me, join the gorgeous, tender-hearted souls that always gather in Unfold Studio. Let's ring in the new year together.

Spend time thinking about what's important to you:

authenticity, presence, creativity, reflection, spirituality, intention, celebration

Come back to center. Reflect on the past year, contemplate the upcoming year, and connect deeply with your spirit.


This is the fourth year for these retreat days. I love them just as much as my students and I have transformed my life through these practices! Pausing for this type of reflection helps me to get centered in my life, to slough off the dead skin I carry around by the end of the year, and get my juices flowing to create change and possibility! This year I was unable to put them on the calendar until now because my mom was in the hospital and my life was upside-down crazy. She's out of the hospital now--yay!--and recovering, giving me some space to create these programs for you!

Goodbye 2018!

Close out 2018 with great attention and reflection. Spend a day journaling, art journaling, and saying goodbye to this year. This retreat day is a great way to have closure on the old year so that you can move with intention into the new year. 

Sunday, December 9th

10am to 5pm

Find your guiding words!

Reflect on 2018, envision 2019, find your word of the year.

Weave the fabric of your inspired life with a deck of beautiful, handmade Inspiration Word cards.


Sunday, December 16th

Sunday, January 20th

10am to 5pm

 Dream & vision your new year!

Follow your intuition and the powerful images that will speak your dreams.

Call in your vision for the life you desire with a dreamboard collage.

Saturday, January 12th

10am to 5pm


One of the most important aspects of my personal new year's practices is the day or days I spend reflecting on the year that is coming to a close. During those hours of journaling and art journaling I am going through my calendars, my photo streams, the days and events and relationships that passed through my life. I am considering how I was changed, how I grew, what came to fruition and what did not. I also am reflecting on how my word for the year showed up and informed my life. And, through this I am able to ultimately turn to the next portion of my process: envisioning the life I want to live in the coming year with intention.

My New Year's workbook, Come Back to Center, is the main tool~along with my art journal~for accomplishing this.

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I will lead you on a peaceful journey of expression throughout the retreat, intertwining an entire morning spent reflecting on the year behind you in your workbook aided by guided meditations and other prompts. Central to the day will be: a guided Word of the Year workshop AND a guided inspiration card deck workshop, two powerful and profound practices that help you listen to your inner knowing about what you most need to manifest and what you need to guide you in the coming year. 

Manifesting a word for 2019: The practice of choosing a word for the year is about opening up to your intuition and setting an intention for your next trip around the sun. Your word can help guide you, help focus your choices, help remind you of what you most desire to manifest in the next 365 days. Choosing a word differs from making New Year's resolutions in that it leaves shame and failure out of the equation. Choosing a word is like reminding yourself to return to your breath when meditating. Your word brings you back to your heart. And that is something you can do again and again throughout the year and learn something new about yourself in the process.

Making an inspiration card deck: An extension of choosing a word for the year is creating a deck of cards (10-20) that holds words that also help to focus your intentions, dreams, and desires. These words can be reminders of values you want to bring into your life (play, joy, bliss), actions you want to remember to take (give, pause, breathe), or concepts that move you (flow, courage, heart). I have developed an easy and fun process using watercolor paper, spray inks, and stencils that creates gorgeous cards on which you can write your words. The deck can be one you use for yourself or that you gift to a loved one.

Creating a dreamboard collage is a way to focus your desires and dreams for the year ahead. It's a gathering of ideas, images, and words. It's a board covered with your most potent and heartfelt intentions. 

A dreamboard is part plan and part intuition. It's part meditation and part crafting.

It's collecting, trimming, placing, and gluing. And when it's done, it wholly satisfying and inspiring.

How do you make a dreamboard?

We collect elements from magazines, calendars, the internet, and other sources, and then sort, trim, and arrange until the composition feels complete. We trust our intuition--and ignore the Voice that says What does that mean? You can't have that!--to create a board that we may not even fully understand until later. Finally, we glue it all down on a piece of sturdy foam core and allow the magic to start flowing in!

This work is nothing short of miraculous.

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You’ll receive one Come Back to Center workbook for each retreat you register for…so, if you attend more than one retreat, gift it to a friend!

Reflection Retreat Day - SOLD OUT!

Sunday, Dec. 9th  ●  10am to 5pm

Inspiration Words Retreat Day

Sunday, Dec. 16th ●  10am to 5pm - SOLD OUT!

Sunday, Jan. 20th ●  10am to 5pm - ONE SPOT JUST OPENED UP!

Dreamboards Visioning Day - SOLD OUT!

Saturday, Jan. 12th ●  10am to 5pm

 fee: $149 (includes Come Back to Center workbook, $30)

What is included:

All materials, including your personal spiralbound, full-color New Year's visioning workbook, Come Back to Center (a $29 value)! Tea, etc. (Bring your own lunch and snacks to share. We’ll take a lunch break halfway through.)


Cancellation Policy: If I can fill your space, I'm happy to refund 50% of your registration fees.

What better way to nurture your body, mind and spirit? What better way to nurture your inner artist than in my magical studio, making art, and diving deep into your important work? 

What better way to spend the days before the New Year, but in community of wonderful, supportive folk at Unfold Studio?