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WHAT is art journaling? Find out more HERE. 

I really do find this art process so wild. There is no other area of my life where I am allowed to ignore what I think I should do-what I plan to do...and then just abandon that and go with what is truly arising. I then must really let go, tune out the inner critic/voice and let it unfold. Like you’ve told me so many times: Trust the process.
— Janet-Rae Jorgenson

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Monday and Wednesday classes are open to all genders.


Check our Meetup calendar for the exact schedule.



Unfold Your Creative Spirit Studio

85 La Plaza in Cotati

Just an hour north of the Bay Area, 30 min from Marin and in the heart of Sonoma county.

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The short story…


4-CLASS DISCOUNT CARD: $160 (4 month expiration)

CANCELLATION POLICY: If you cancel within 24 hours of class or are a no show, your card will be punched.

The Long Story…

SINGLE CLASS: $50 (if you only want to pay for one class at a time...) PAY ON MEETUP.


  • Two classes for $50 ---> PAY ON MEETUP

  • OR Free Class Coupon (limited time on website


  • 4 for $160 ($40 each, no RSVP fee). PRICE CUT!

  • Expires 4 months from the date of purchase.

  • Call, text or email Susie to put your name on the class list. (State name and date you want to attend. Must have purchased a class discount card to qualify.)

  • Purchase cards online or in the studio.

CLASS DISCOUNT CARD CANCELLATION POLICY: You will be charged if you cancel within 24 hours of class or are a no show.

BRING A NEW (to the studio) FRIEND DISCOUNT: Sign up on Meetup for $50 and you both come for that price (in other words, $25 each). (Send Susie a text to let her know you will be bringing a friend…otherwise, you’ll pay for two at $50/each!)


  • Cards expire 4 months from date of purchase.

  • Cards are nontransferable to other programs at the studio, but can be shared by two people.

  • Only good for weekly drop in classes.

  • If you already have a class discount card purchased prior to July 26, 2019 your RSVP fee is now waived. DON'T PAY AN RSVP FEE. Because of that, all previously purchased cards are worth 5 instead of 6 classes. There will continue to be no expiration date on these cards. (Contact Susie to find out how many classes you have left on your card.)

  • To save your spot in a class: Text, call, message, or email Susie to get on the class list. State your name and date you want to attend. Please check the meetup for that date to make sure there is room.

  • PLEASE NOTE: The cancellation policy for new cards applies to old cards now, as well. If you cancel within 24 hours of class or are a no show, your card will be punched.

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More about art journaling...

The art journal, while artistic, is not about creating art, but about personal story, emotions, and process. Using color, texture, line, pattern, marks, collage, images, layers, and words, it is a powerful and joyful tool for uncovering your heart's story, working through what troubles you, and just plain old playful expression.

There’s something magical about Susie’s studio. The amazing array of art supplies out on the counters, people working with so much focus, the soothing music in the background. Can I say that one of the things I love best about it is that I don’t have to clear a space in my house to work on my journal? I love coming to Unfold Studio to do my art journaling!
— maryanne m.

Tea and all the art supplies you need to express yourself and nurture your Inner Artist provided.



  • Paints

  • Foam and bristle brushes

  • Huge selection of stencils

  • Huge selection of rubber stamps

  • Huge selection of collage materials

  • Colored pencils

  • Vintage manual Corona typewriter

  • Gel pens

  • Sticker letters

  • Inspirational quotes...and more...

  • Weekly art journaling prompts offered

  • Letting go of your expectations

  • Centering and finding what you want and need to write about

  • Releasing your Inner Critic

  • Hidden writing

  • Creative ways to write on your page

  • Found poetry...and more...


  • Prepping pages for journaling

  • Getting started

  • Quick and dirty backgrounds

  • Intuitive collage

  • Rubber stamping

  • Spray inks

  • Creative ways to paint

  • Stenciling...and more...



4-CLASS DISCOUNT CARD: $160 (4 month expiration)

CANCELLATION POLICY: If you cancel within 24 hours of class or are a no show, your card will be punched.