A 2 day expressive arts exploration of our love-hate relationship with our bodies in an intimate circle of women with your inspiration guide,

Susie Stonefield Miller

and guest facilitator, Laurell Bertino



I've spent decades averting my eyes when I look in the mirror. Those times I looked, really looked, I wasn't happy with what I saw. I don't curve in all the places women are supposed to curve. I have a big round belly, always have. It's my natural state.

In some ways I think I've cultivated a strong sense of denial about my body. I've looked in the mirror and thought, "Ok, you look thin" and then later seen photographs of myself and been surprised at how fat I looked. Disconnect. 

What if you loved your body whole-heartedly?

What if you really looked at yourself, eyes wide open, and what you felt deep inside was profound appreciation and pride?

How would that affect your life?

My relationship with my body has been one of tolerance. And I don't mean that in a good way. Tolerance, surrender, acquiescence. All of those feelings of waving the white flag. "Ok, I give up. This is me." But all that pulls me down.

Rather than judgment, criticism, denial, shame, and sadness, I want to EMBRACE ME. I want to LOVE my body. I want to find a new paradigm full of passion, delight and bliss.

Frankly, I'm not really interested in self-compassion. What I really want is self-PASSION!

The Body Passion Project profoundly changed the way I perceive my body by helping me confront the reasons for my feelings of brokenness and unworthiness, and examine them to see if they are, or ever were, useful. I was able to let the bulk of them go as excess, unnecessary baggage, and to embrace a new, positive set of feelings about myself.
— Karen L., Petaluma

©Susie Stonefield Miller • I learned early on that women's bodies were things of beauty. But I didn't own that.

The best way for me to work through these kinds of stories, emotions and thoughts is with art journaling. In my journal I can follow my intuition, pulling out the words and images, the texture of my emotional landscape to really expose my heart. There's really nothing like my art journal for the emotional excavation that happens within

Wouldn't it be amazing to feel full-on pleasure and joy every time I looked at myself in the mirror?

What would change in my life if I felt that way?  

I don't know many women who fully love their bodies. I don't know many women who accept their bodies without judgment.

And that, my friends, is just a tragedy.

We are bombarded with images our whole lives of women who are worthy only when they are (fill in the blank) _____________ [thinner, sexier, have bigger breasts, less hairy, younger, blonder, curvier, better mothers, more active, and on and on].

I want to help you deal with these same conversations in your head. I want to help you get through that morass and find a way into a new relationship with your body. A relationship of Body Passion.

©Susie Stonefield Miller • Body Triptych: This is my BODY STORY; This is my BODY SHAME; This is my TRUTH.

The way we'll do it?

Art journaling, of course...other visual arts endeavors...movement...intimate women's community...telling your story.

A two day retreat connecting in the studio on the topic of our love/hate relationship with our bodies.

Whether you're battling decades of shame over weight issues; whether your heart pangs when you think of the years you tried to get pregnant and couldn't. Whether you are still surprised when you see your reflection and the woman with wrinkles looking back at you doesn't feel like the 16 year old inside you. Whether you are struggling with chronic pain, chronic insomnia, or hormone fluctuations and menopause.

This is for you.

©Susie Stonefield Miller • My bikini story: I was about 13 when I saw a picture taken of me in my red flowered bikini. All I saw was my belly. That was the last time I wore a bikini in my life.

This is for YOU.

I’m so grateful to have had The Body Passion Project during pregnancy because I spent the first week postpartum LOVING my saggy, slowly deflating belly! That was a first! And I’m still (mostly) loving my body as it morphs back towards baseline.
— Rachel F., Santa Rosa

©Susie Stonefield Miller • Between My Thighs

We will dive deep.

We will examine our own scripts, the words we repeat over and over which get in the way of actually seeing ourselves without judgment.

We will share openly with each other and support each other in transforming our view of ourselves...our hearts, our skins, our wrinkles, and muscles, our bones that stick out, and our rolls of fat.

We'll explore the parts that bring us the most heart pain (aka: shame).

We'll push the edges and try on, in a safe environment, the concepts of self-love, self-acceptance, and pride.

This will be different from my regular art journaling classes in that I will be directing your process in the journal with guided visualizations and prompts

We'll also be leaning into some risky territory with selfies, photographing ourselves (parts and whole), then using these photos in our pages.

Gulp. Did that one make your stomach lurch a bit? Yes. Risky territory. But you'll be surrounded, held. You'll be in a circle of women who have all come together to do this work, to witness you, to hold space for you...

In The Body Passion Project I made a connection with other women about body image, on a higher level than ‘magazines are to blame.’
— Participant, 2015

In The Body Passion Project you'll have the opportunity to face yourself and shift your relationship--for the better. You'll use creativity as a vehicle for self-expression, healing, and transformation.

Susie’s curriculum effectively guided me on a journey out of self-loathing towards an authentic embrace of my body.
— Participant, 2015

©Susie Stonefield Miller • My art journal page exploring my personal history with my protruding belly. There's no denying that this is just the way I am shaped!


Susie Stonefield Miller

Owner of Unfold Studio. Artist. Teacher. Certified Person-Centered Expressive Arts Facilitator. Inspired life Guide.

For more about Susie click HERE.

Laurell Bertino

Laurell is a Professional Clinical Counselor Intern who provides individual counseling as well as Mindfulness Meditation and Expressive Arts Therapy groups with a variety of adult populations in Calaveras County, California.

Laurell has an M.A. in Mental Health Counseling from the University of Redlands, an M.A. in Education from Pepperdine University, and a Certificate in Person-Centered Expressive Arts Therapy.

On the weekends she loves to sew, read, walk along country roads and play at the creek with her 3 year old fairy granddaughter.


...and special guest facilitator, Sheridan Gold, leading our drum circle!

Sheridan leads healing drum circles, facilitates community drum circles, teaches drum classes to all ages and performs regularly for community events. A flutist (silver and Native American) and flute teacher as well, she has a BA and K-12 teaching credential in Music Education and a Masters in Special Education. Teaching music to any age person is her passion - especially "un-teaching" the tapes that a person has learned…that they aren’t musical, they aren’t artistic. Sheridan’s philosophy is this: there are lots of ways to get to the top of the mountain! You can learn more about Sheridan at drumintoyourbliss.com.


This class is a special opportunity to work with three experienced, compassionate, and loving facilitators on a very intimate and important subject and in an intimate circle of women. It will be transformative, healing and heart-opening. 


DATES: Saturday thru Sunday, July 15-16

TIME: 10AM to 5PM both days

PRICE: $299 


Cancellation: 50% refunded up to 1 week before the program begins, if I am able to fill your spot. No refunds after that period has ended.