POSTS & PROMPTS 3: Embracing Beginner's Mind

Gallup Polls asked me recently to fill out a career strength survey. In it, I was asked how many different jobs I've had in my adult working life. I started to count on my fingers. Teaching in Vallejo, teaching in the private school in El Cerrito, teaching in Berkeley, my parent education business, tutoring...1...2...3...4...13. Yeah, 13. I even surprised myself and I was there

Each of those were jobs I chose to begin and end. I've never been fired, but I've definitely left.

Apparently, I'm not afraid of starting anew.  

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POSTS & PROMPTS 1: Authenticity

I'm not into facades or  masks. Being real, being true to my core, being authentic is very important to me. My instinct is to be sincerely open and honest. 

If you know me, you know me. 

I've been an extrovert my whole life. Most of my growing up years I was out there and unreserved. I didn't guard my heart and I didn't hide. It just never occurred to me. Why would anyone do that, hide? What's there to be afraid of? 

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Competition, Connection, and the Edge of My Fear

Two weeks ago I stepped over a threshold of fear right into the arms of someone I thought was my competition but who turned out to be my soul-sister.

The reason it happened is that I finally took a deep breath and believed in myself. I flat out decided that I'm ready to think of myself as excellent, an expert and worthy. In all of that is an awareness of how scared I am of competition and comparison, how hard I've worked my whole life to avoid them, and yet, how much I want to stand out from the crowd and lead. 

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Guiding Inner Artists Out Into the Light

The other night in the studio I looked around at the women congregated there. Five women, all bent over their journals, quietly painting, writing, stamping, contemplating. Each was passionate about art journaling, and each had only come to the practice, and my studio, in the past year.

More importantly, every single one had originally walked into my studio and announced to me, "I'm not artistic."

How can that be? Isn't just living your life a creative act?

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Here's what she said:

She said: You clearly bring out the beauty in others.

She said: It's visual poetry.


She said: I knew I could be honest and real with you.

She said: I love that I'm making art & learning & doing stuff I never thought I could do.

She said: Your class was so much fun!

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