You've Got to Dream It

This was first published in my Creative Spirit Newsletter in mid-December 2017.


Several months ago, as I was busy creating all kinds of marketing videos and ads for my Soul Journey retreat, I could feel the anxiety mounting. 

Would I sell enough spots to cover my personal investment? Was this a huge mistake? What was I thinking?!

I had the website. I had the amazing promotional videos. I had the emails. But I was still feeling unfocused. I wasn't sure why, but I was not feeling confident.

I knew I needed to create a dreamboard for the retreat. I have manifested other dreams in my life with dreamboards and yet, for some reason, I was avoiding doing it for the retreat. I knew that if I could just bring myself to the studio to do MY work, to vision and call in the Universe to be my partner, that the magic would start to happen. But for some reason, I was dragging my feet.

And then, the first week of October, I did it. I had a play day in the studio with my friend and student, Stacy Ito (our incredible personal chef for the retreat), and I pulled out the magazine images and my personal stash of images, the glue sticks and the board...and I got busy dreaming.

What does that mean? Dreaming? Well, for me it was getting very quiet and into my body...some would call that getting feel into the emotions of this experience. I asked myself to explore WHY I wanted to create the retreat. WHO I wanted to create it for. WHAT they would get out of it. HOW I would bring myself to it. All the wordless feelings. And many of the words, as well.

And oh boy! What a visioning! (See it below.) I had a file folder full of images I had saved for years that were aching to be put to use on exactly this board. Circles of women. Cozy havens in the winter night. Blooming flowers. Even an interesting Venn Diagram to remind me of my purpose and true calling with this work.

The Studio provided more. Like the penguins, with one little adorable guy out in front (that's me, of course!), saying, "Follow me!" and the butterfly (always butterflies), and the women dancing. 

When I was finished 12 hours later (yes, TWELVE!), I had a most satisfying and gorgeous testament to the vision I had for my retreat. And I had absolutely no doubts about the fact that I was on the right track and that those women needed me and would find me and that this opportunity to explore what is really important to them over the auspicious time of New Year's Eve was worth all the sweat and tears.

Oct 1 retreat visioning.JPG

I put the dreamboard up in my office where I can see it every day. And it has reminded me of my envisioning. It keeps me focused and on track and believing in myself.
And guess what?! Today I sold the very last spot in the retreat. Yes, sirree! SOLD OUT. I'm amazed. I'm pinching myself.

This wasn't just magic-making. This was damn hard work. But in less than two weeks I'll be up at Yokayo Ranch with a gathering of gorgeous, wonderful women to dive into our creative spirits. And manifest my dream, their dreams, our dreams of the best New Year's Eve ever.
What are you dreaming of today? And how are you going to vision it into reality?