Sometimes My Art Saves Me

I woke up today completely despondent about our country, and the current situation at our border with Mexico. Families are being ripped apart. This is not the first time our country has perpetrated this kind of horror and harm on people who are "other"...other than white, other than affluent, other than privileged. And it offends me and breaks my heart and makes me feel completely impotent.

So today I went to my easel to paint out my pain. I listened to the music of Inti-Illimani, a Chilean group that has been in exile since 1973 when the Chilean government was overthrown in a coup. I listened to the music of Victor Jara, a songwriter and activist murdered in the take over for his songs and his words. And I used his words on my painting.

Thank you for watching. And please...RISE UP!




Susie MillerComment