POSTS & PROMPTS 8: Make a Wish

I did not grow up with a belief in dreaming or wishing. My mom is a realist and she raised me to be one. She still doesn’t have much patience for anything in the woo-woo realm. That’s fine…for her. But not for me.

Ever since turning 50 I have found that I am bringing the magic of dreaming into my life more and more and more. I make dream lists and dreamboards, I wish for big, bigger, biggest dreams…even dreams that seem completely impossible. Why not? 

My art journal has become a canvas for my dreams as well. Within its pages are my heartfelt desires for bringing into my life what I wish for most…stronger connections, more love, health, travel, peace, abundance. What I have found is that the work I have done in that magical space has transformed my life. I manifest my wishes, dreams and desires like crazy these days!

Some say that wishing causes suffering. They say that wishing takes you out of the present. Well, I've talked about that. And I fully believe in being present in the moment. 

But I also believe that putting out to the universe what you most desire is one way of taking action on what's important in your life. I'm not advocating for casting a wish and leaving it at that. This is not a passive action I'm suggesting. I see wish-casting as the first step in manifesting your dreams. And if we don't take those first steps...where will we be?

So, what if you decided that your dreams were NOT too much to ask for? What if you decided that you were worth it…your dreams of any size? What then?         
What would you call into your life today?

If you'd like to art journal in response to this topic, I invite you to download my art journaling prompt (button below) for some inspiration. I like to think of art journaling prompts as little shovels, helping you to dig deeper into yourself. 

This is part of my weekly series of blog posts and art journal prompts. I hope you'll use these to enrich your art journaling practice. For more ideas about how to art journal, check out my Art Journaling Nuts & Bolts video tutorial series. Or, sign up for an in-person class or online ecourse with me!