POSTS & PROMPTS 2: Taking a Leap

She took the leap and built her wings on the way down.  
-Kobi Yamada

In honor of Leap Day 2016...

I'm more of a do-er than a planner. An idea occurs to me and I jump on it. Spontaneous. Impulsive, you might say. It's not that I don't consider the up-sides and down-sides to a scenario, because I do love to plot and make lists and organize a program. But once I've considered the initial details, well then, I leap.

I love this kind of leaping. (Please don't ask me to jump off a high dive! That kind of leaping I don't love!) I love the feeling of the unknown coupled with the feeling of possibility. I love being right in the thick of the creation of my life. Rather than saying "What if...?" I say "Go!"

Because of that, I live in Sonoma county. On a few acres. In a house we designed and built ourselves with a beautiful countryside view.

Because of that, I homeschooled my kids.

Because of that, I started my art journaling studio...found myself teaching expressive arts...enrolled in an expressive arts facilitation program...

Leaping puts me right in the thick of the creation of my life.

Being a leaper rather than a ponderer, a considerer, a hesitater, puts me in the position of trying things out on the fly. Does this work? No? Ok, how about this? This works? Ok, what if I tweak it here? 

I learn on the go. I figure out what I need to know as it arises. And sometimes that finds me in a place of uncertainty. And what happens then? I reorganize, I consider my options, I try a different way. It doesn't paralyze me. 

For me, this way of being is a combination of both trusting my intuition in a big way AND trusting that I can handle the falls. I don't let my fears rule my actions. I hand the power over to my intuition, which is alert, alive and buzzing with ideas. It speaks to me all the time. I am listening for the signals: "YES!" "Pass..." "NO."

That doesn't mean every leap has led to a positive outcome. Sometimes I ignore the signals, the warning bells from my intuition. I've learned with time to pay a LOT more attention to the nagging doubts that tickle behind my ear. But, the YES signal is often the strongest. Because, really, I want to leap.

Trust. I suppose I could say that when I am trusting that I can handle the falls, I am trusting that I can handle the process...this isn't about trusting a Higher Power to save me or catch me, though I'm sure it is for some people. For me, it's about trusting myself to manage, as I've managed whatever Life has delivered to me thus far, the bumps in the road, or the pain when things don't go the way I'd imagined.

I leap because I adore the feeling of the wind under my wings and I adore the feeling of landing in a place that I never imagined I would be. I leap, I trust, I float in the process that is my life. 

In honor of Leap Day, how about considering what leaping means to you?

If you'd like to art journal in response to this topic, I invite you to download my art journaling prompt (button below) for some inspiration. I like to think of art journaling prompts as little shovels, helping you to dig deeper into yourself. 

This is part of my weekly series of blog posts and art journal prompts. I hope you'll use these to enrich your art journaling practice. For more ideas about how to art journal, check out my Art Journaling Nuts & Bolts video tutorial series. Or, sign up for an in-person class or online ecourse with me!