Open for Business!

When my husband Mark lost his job back in November many of my friends told me “One door closes and another one opens.” Though they were talking about Mark, I applied it to myself, as well. This idea not only comforted me, but gave me a way to reframe the situation. That one tweak to my perspective became a catalyst for a huge rush of creative energy. Loss and panic turned into opportunity and possibility. Almost immediately I began walking through that newly opened door.

Revamping my resume, considering all the things I know how to do, re-envisioning myself in this new period in my life, I was in forward motion from the start.

You see, I was already at a turning point, but I didn’t realize it. After nine years of homeschooling my sons, with two in college and the youngest a teen enjoying working on his own thing most days, I suddenly could see a space in my life where I could try something new…become someone new…learn something new.

I was riding on a wave of my passions: art journaling, writing, photography, poetry, knitting, mothering. But, at first I asked myself: What should I do with all this creative passion?

What became very clear was that I had a strong desire to crystallize something I already did informally, build inspiring creative community with women and girls. Christine Mason Miller says it so well in her book Desire to Inspire:

It is this profound desire to inspire that drives the day in, day out work of pursuing our passions, which is done in the midst of raising children, building marriages and doing all the other requisite caretaking that falls on the to-do lists of most women…there is something even more important than what these pursuits do for us, and that is our desire to shine a light in the world that others might need to take their own daring leaps.

And so, I now have this beautiful new website (Thank you, Teresa!) and my new offerings: art journaling and creative classes and retreats for women and girls in Sonoma county, Northern California, and beyond. I am currently teaching in person in Cotati, looking for a studio/shop space to feather my creative nest locally, and taking my show on the road to private homes, retreat centers, conferences, and the like. One of these days I’ll also be offering online workshops, tutorials, and community, something I’ve benefited from in a huge way over the past couple of years.

It’s not the first time I’ve tried on a new “hat,” or changed careers. I’ve held many jobs and created a few small businesses in my time. That’s not new for me. But, what I love in particular about this newest iteration of myself is that it is such a strong weaving together of the strands of my strengths. Passion, nurturing, guiding, art, teaching, spirituality, creativity, support, community building. With my latest venture I am spreading my wings and offering some pretty powerful opportunities for other women (and girls) to learn and grow and become more awesome selves.

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Thank you for stopping by and I look forward to meeting you very soon!