Here's what she said:

She said: You clearly bring out the beauty in others.

She said: It's visual poetry.


She said: I knew I could be honest and real with you.

She said: I love that I'm making art & learning & doing stuff I never thought I could do.

She said: Your class was so much fun!


She said: You are beautiful. Everything about you shines.

She said: I had such a great and calming time at art journaling (therapy) tonight. Thank you for the space to create and process through art.

She said: Those girls are so lucky to have you.


She said: Susie, I'm so grateful.

She said: Art journaling is fun and freeing and a source of great joy for me.

She said: You are inspiring me greatly to make my own path.


She said: You don't understand how you just blessed me.

She said: Thanks to your teaching and encouragement, I am learning to express my heart so colorfully.

She said: What you are doing is so incredibly important.


She said: You have made a significant impact in my life. Bless you!

She said: Thank you so much for letting me come and do art. It felt so wonderful to be able to freely create in your studio. I really want to come back.

She said: You're a treasure.

She said: You gently push my boundaries just enough for me to find gems that I didn't even know were there.

She said: Thank you so much for giving me direction about this and explaining so well.


She said: Keep the magic going.


Thanks to Hannah Marcotti for the "she said" prompt in her Community Grace ecourse. She says: "When I start to listen and really take in what others say to me, it becomes a guiding light in my work and connections and friendships and relationships. It's a really gorgeous 'going in'."

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