Gifts of the Ropes Course: Part 2

At Unfold Studio there's a big sign that says "Let it go." And when first-timers walk through the doors to learn about art journaling, one of the first things I say to them is "I encourage you to let go of your expectations...about who you think you are and who you think you aren't, about what you think you can do and what you think you can't, and about what you think this is supposed to be and what you think it isn't. Just let it all go."

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Healing the World, One Art Journal Page at a Time

I heard his words that night and they brought me to tears. I agreed with him, bread is essential. And I've also always believed that bread is one of those things that you can find in every culture. It's a unifier. It's a commonality amongst all peoples. And so, this baker really touched my heart that night with his bread/peace/love offering and he gave me some hope for Paris, and for humanity.

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Travel Art Journaling: My Kit and My Process

I just got back a couple days ago from my fabulous month away in Europe. I spent 2+ weeks in England with my mom and sister and then my husband, Mark, met me in London and we headed to Paris to celebrate our 25th anniversary! I walked (what felt like) a million miles, visited umpteen museums, old gardens and monuments, and ate a lot of croissants! So much beauty and inspiration in that kind of trip and I soaked up every atom of it.

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POSTS & PROMPTS 8: Make a Wish

I did not grow up with a belief in dreaming or wishing. My mom is a realist and she raised me to be one. She still doesn’t have much patience for anything in the woo-woo realm. That’s fine…for her. But not for me.

Ever since turning 50 I have found that I am bringing the magic of dreaming into my life more and more and more. I make dream lists and dreamboards, I wish for big, bigger, biggest dreams…even dreams that seem completely impossible. Why not? 

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POSTS & PROMPTS 7: Facing Your Inner Critic

Has it ever felt like you carry around your own personal Judge and Jury in your head?

The voice of the Inner Critic is LOUD, LOUD, LOUD. It sneaks in when we think we’re feeling confident, and it barges in when we’re feeling especially vulnerable. Our Inner Critic tells us we aren’t worthy, aren’t smart, aren’t able. It may be trying to protect us from failure, but it makes us feel failure before we’ve even started.

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