Backgrounds Bonanza!


horizontal collage.jpg

An afternoon exploring paint, collage, and a multitude of background techniques at Unfold Studio!

Sunday, August 18th

1 to 5pm

$89 ($79 thru July 31st!)

all materials included

(just make sure you bring your art journal and it has LOTS of blank pages in it...if not, you'll need a new one!)

This workshop was so much fun! I learned a so many easy techniques for layering pages, using different tools, brushes, paints, stencils, stamps, collage, and more!

I can’t believe I created 27 background pages in just 4 hours!
— Nicole Zimmerman

You love creating art journal pages with lots of depth. You love playing with paint and collage and exploring new techniques that lead to truly satisfying self-expression.

But every time you sit down in front of your art journal you start the same way.

You look around (you try to keep your eyes on your page, but that's hard!) and wonder...How does she do that? How does she get that effect? I want my pages to be different!

But by the end of class, your pages turn out looking the just as last time.  Same old, same old.

And that's totally frustrating.

I’ve been art journaling for a long time but I learned a lot of new techniques. As always, Susie is a fantastic instructor and provided us with notes on all the new ways we created backgrounds. Highly recommend!
— Judy Ervice

Well...I hope you're free on Sunday, August 18th.

You know all those great technique prompts that I post one or two at a time each week in the studio? Well, we'll be dipping into a whole afternoon of that! Tons of ways to use the materials in the studio!

We won't be doing the deep work of art journaling--no finishing of pages, no deep sharing of our stories. But play? Oh yeah!

You'll go home with piles of background pages ready to use and a feeling of accomplishment! You'll have so many new ideas to approach the page next time you're in the studio.

And your pages will never feel same old, same old again!

Hope you can make it!

An awesome faster-pace technique class! For someone like me who overthinks things, it’s amazing to see what I end up with when I turn off my brain & just go!
— Morgan Johnson



DATE: Sunday, August 18th

TIME: 1 to 5PM

FEE: $89 ($79 thru July 31st!)

all materials included except your art journal! (just make sure you bring your art journal and it has LOTS of blank pages in it...if not, you'll need a new one!)

CANCELLATION POLICY: We are happy to refund 75% of your registration fee if we are able to fill your spot.

WHO: This class is open to all genders, age 13 and up.