What is art journaling?

Art journaling is a no-rules creative practice. 

It's the act of getting out of your head and into your heart and onto the page. 

It's the practice of letting go again and again and again...and finding yourself in the process.

I like to think of art journaling as a kind of cooking. There are a handful of ingredients: color, texture, line, imagery, and words. But each time you cook up a page your recipe can taste a bit different. You don't have to do each page in the same way, with all those ingredients. No, you can leave some out or use more of one (or two) than usual.

And whether or not you have any experience with art (whether you know how to draw or not, or how to mix paint colors, or not, etc.) is immaterial.

What does matter is that you trust yourself and you trust the process. Maybe, you even have to trust the process first! Because the process is exquisite and profound and unforgettable.

Think of me as the anti-"paint + sip" lady. 

I'm far more interested in your personal creative process and what comes from that than that everyone walks out the door with a pretty picture.

This is about process not product.

And the "sip" part? The discomfort that comes with getting creative? We're not going to be doing anything but facing our demons here. No dulling our senses with wine. No escaping that edge. The dark side, well, that's such an important place to go...and we'll go there together...and be brave together.

I'm all about guiding you to trust that you have everything within you needed to make something that is uniquely yours and something that is fully satisfying. I'm all about the process over product. This isn't a class for making pretty things. That's not our aim. But the process is a beautiful thing and often the finished art journal page is also a thing of great beauty. 

When you come to class, I'll tell you more. But until then here's a video I made talking about my philosophy around art journaling!