lesson 10





I like to think of art journaling (and creativity, in general) as a spoon in the pot of your life. There's your life...simmering along (or boiling, or cold, or...?) and you stick that spoon in and stir it all up! The good, the bad, and the ugly all have an opportunity to float up to the surface when you stick that spoon in. And so what are you going to do with it now, now that you see it?

Sure, you can go about your business and not face the discomfort, the sadness, and the rage. Even worse...you can ignore the beauty, the moments of grace, the compliments and love flowing your way. But, you're here in UNFOLD and there's a reason for that. Not facing the truth of our lives puts us in a constant state of struggle. You wanted to feel it...so now how to handle it?

The creative process gives us an opportunity to not only explore those dark corners of ourselves, but the tools for digging it up, exposing it, and releasing it! That's the very best part, of course. The release. The creative process is a cathartic process. And it's one reason my students come back and back and back to the studio with their art journals tucked under their arms. It's also a reason that it is so important that you don't put your journal away when you are feeling all stirred up. Your journal is your heart's doorway...to peace, love and understanding! I'm not kidding! Keep it open and active!

I invite you to connect with the emotions that have gotten stirred up in this course. I invite you to welcome them in and explore them. Dedicate your pages this week to the emotions that don't usually get enough air time, whether because you are uncomfortable facing them or they are drowned out by some of the other more noisy ones. 

Lesson 10 is an invitation...to stir up your pot, to walk through that doorway, to release some emotions through your powerful creativity!