bonus lesson





Inks sprays are SUPER DUPER fun. BUT. BUUUUUUTTTT...In my studio, I have a rule that first time students can't use them! That's because they are wild and crazy and out of control and once they're on your page you can't get them off, no how, no way! So, you need to be comfortable with our mantra "Just Let Go" before you start to use them. 

Ink sprays are water-reactive. They come alive whenever they touch anything wet. And they are never permanent in their original state (no matter how long they've been dry and on the page). So, if you paint on or next to them, spray them with water, put something wet on them (even your wet fingertip), they will bloom! If you paint over them they will bleed up through the paint. If you Mod Podge collage pieces onto them, they will bleed up into that collage piece. If you Mod Podge your page (as a varnish coat) at the end, it will smear them. It's not always a bad thing, but it's really important to know ahead of time. 

All that being said, ink sprays can add a lot to your pages. They are gorgeous colors, the spray and splatter is really cool looking and they are awesome with stencils. Best of all, they are just so much fun! So, watch the following video and see if you want to dive into spraying and stenciling!

One more thing: I completely forgot to mention on both the video and above that one of the best things to do with ink sprays is to spray them at the top of your page, stand your journal up and then spray with water. Watch the drips come down! Cool!

Keeping your space (and self) clean when using ink sprays: Cover anything nearby that you don't want to get sprayed! Including yourself! Put your book away from the edge of your work table so that you don't spray the floor, your lap, your shoes, your chair...your cat...etc.!

Cleaning your stencils after using with ink sprays: Just take them to the sink and run clean water on them. The inks will wash right off! Super easy!

This is white spray ink on a dark painted background. White spray shows up so well in this situation.

Here I made a stencil of the words SHUT UP, then sprayed with dark inks LIGHTLY on the page. I wanted the background (which is really the main event) to show up, but I wanted the words to pop.

For this page I created a mask that was half a female form. After collaging a map onto my page I placed the mask against the spiral binding and sprayed the blue inks. I flipped the mask over and placed it against the other side of the binding and sprayed again. I also sprayed with a small spiral stencil where you see the pink spirals.

The top portion of this page was sprayed with a rainbow of inks and then I sprayed it with water to make it drip down the page. Fun!

I didn't use a stencil, but I did spray at the top of the page on this one and then sprayed with water to get the wonderful drippiness.